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Common injuries that occur due to motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Auto Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists count on other drivers to help them remain safe. When other drivers aren’t safe, they can slam into a motorcycle. This can lead to catastrophic injuries for the motorcyclist.

Thankfully, there are several things motorcyclists can do to mitigate the chance of suffering injuries, including wearing a helmet and proper safety gear. Understanding a few of the common injuries that motorcycle riders tend to suffer in the wake of a crash can give riders and their loved ones the opportunity to employ more informed approaches when it comes to prevention and addressing harm.

Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

Despite the widespread use of helmets, head injuries remain among the most common and severe outcomes of motorcycle crashes. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of death and brain injury, yet the force of impact can still result in concussions, skull fractures and TBIs.

Road rash

A road rash is caused by the skin sliding across the pavement. While it might sound minor, road rash can be incredibly severe, leading to serious infections, nerve damage and the need for skin grafts. The severity is often categorized into degrees, similar to burns, with third-degree road rash removing all layers of skin and exposing underlying tissues.

Lower extremity injuries

Legs, knees and feet are particularly vulnerable in motorcycle crashes. Fractures, dislocations and severe soft tissue damage are common, especially when the motorcycle falls on the rider’s leg or when the leg is caught under the vehicle.

Spinal cord injuries and paralysis

The impact of a motorcycle crash can cause damage to the spinal cord, leading to temporary or permanent paralysis. These injuries affect the motorcyclist’s ability to walk and can impact bodily functions controlled by the spinal cord below the injury site.

Victims of motorcycle crashes caused by another’s negligence may opt to pursue a compensation claim. This can help them to cover the costs related the wreck, but time limits apply so swift action is critical.