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A Thorough Knowledge Of The California Workers’ Compensation Process

Every day, people in the San Diego area get injured while working on the job. Many need serious medical treatment in order to recover.

There are countless ways you might get injured on the job. You may be working on or near a construction site and suffer an injury from a fall, debris or equipment. You may work as a delivery driver and suffer injuries in a crash caused by another driver. Or, you may suffer from a repetitive motion trauma injury.

No matter how it happened, so long as the injury occurred during the course of your job, you are entitled to receive benefits under California’s workers’ compensation laws.

Handling Both Workers’ Compensation Claims And Personal Injury Cases

I am attorney Scott M. Blumen and at my San Diego firm, I help workers with all aspects of the workers’ compensation process. For over 30 years, I have assisted individuals to recover benefits for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and more.

I am also certified as a legal specialist in workers’ compensation law by The State Bar of California. Such an achievement is only given to attorneys who have met certain standards in a particular field of law.

Unlike my competitors, I also have extensive experience with personal injury crossover claims. Such claims allow injured employees to recover more than they would under workers’ comp.

Understanding Crossover Claims In California

Generally speaking, when you are injured in the course of your employment, you are given the ability to apply for and obtain a host of workers’ compensation benefits. In exchange, you cannot pursue a claim against your employer unless your employer is illegal uninsured.

However, you may be able to pursue what’s called a crossover claim. A crossover claim is, in basic terms, a personal injury claim against a third party like a machine manufacturer.


An employee working on a construction site suffers a serious spinal cord injury after falling off a scaffold. That employee can pursue lost wages and medical expenses under workers’ comp. After a thorough investigation, it is determined that the scaffolding equipment was in fact defective and the cause of the injury. If not for the defect, the employee would never have fallen and injured his spine. As such, that employee can also pursue a crossover claim against the manufacturer of the scaffolding and recover compensation in addition to his allotted workers’ comp benefits.

I have the experience to help with both.

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Learn About The ‘Nuts And Bolts’ Of Workers’ Compensation

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