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What makes rural roads so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Auto Accident Injuries

The fatal accident rate on rural roads is higher than the same rate on city streets. Some people believe that there is roughly the same amount of danger in each location because the total number of fatal accidents every year is similar. But there are far fewer drivers in rural areas, so their fatal accident rate is actually much higher.

But why are these rural roads more dangerous than driving in the city? Below are a few reasons to consider.

The distance to the hospital

To start with, the speed of medical care plays a big role in whether or not injuries will become fatal. An accident in a rural area may be far away from a hospital, delaying this care for any injured parties. This makes it statistically more likely that they will pass away from those injuries.

The speed limit

Next, rural roads tend to have much higher speed limits than city streets. If drivers are traveling twice as fast, on average, any accident that takes place is more likely to be fatal. Higher speeds almost always correlate to higher fatality odds.

Common driving issues

Finally, some reports point out that drivers in rural areas are likely to engage in risky driving behaviors like not wearing their seatbelts or driving under the influence. These issues are not exclusive to rural areas, of course, but they do play a big role in many fatal accident cases every year.

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