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Who pays for the expenses when a dog attacks a person?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Dog Bites

Dogs are one of the most popular household pets in California. Thousands of individuals and Families have canine companions that live with them. As many as two out of five households across the state have at least one dog. All of those pets create a degree of liability for the general public, as dogs can attack and injure humans. 

Most dog owners are responsible. They take their animals to the vet, keep them on leashes in public and otherwise try to minimize the threat they pose to others. Unfortunately, even well-behaved animals can become aggressive with little warning. 

People often feel bad about holding owners accountable for an animal’s actions. Who typically pays for the costs generated when a dog becomes aggressive in California? 

Insurance will often help

Property owners in California often pay for liability insurance. Their policies apply not just to someone falling down their front steps but also to any dog bite incidents, provided that the insurance company was aware of the animal’s presence. 

Someone hurt by a dog can use California’s strict liability statutes to seek compensation from the animal’s owner. A personal injury lawsuit against a dog owner would likely result in an insurance payout to the person injured by the aggressive animal. Even renters insurance can help cover the cost of an animal attack. 

It is only when someone lacks necessary insurance or misrepresents their situation to the insurance company that the animal’s owner would have sole personal responsibility for the injuries the dog caused. Understanding who pays for a dog bite attack may help people feel more comfortable about pursuing compensation when a pet becomes violent.