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The problem with saying sorry after a car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries

Some people are just polite. If you are one of those who say sorry every time someone bumps into you or you mishear someone, it’s crucial to remember that you should never say sorry after a car accident.

While this might sound odd, given that you probably are sorry that your two vehicles collided and people got hurt, it is best to say nothing. Apologizing could be seen as an admission that the collision was your fault, and that could harm your ability to claim for your injuries. Especially if you say something like, “Sorry, I did not see you,” “Sorry, I thought you were letting me go,” or “Sorry, I told my boss I was too tired to work today, but they insisted I go in and now look what has happened.”

California car crash compensation is awarded on the basis of pure comparative negligence

The amount you can get will be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault. So, if your total due was $100,000, but you were found to be 20% at fault, you would only get $80,000. If your total due was $100,000, but you were found to be 75% at fault, you would only get $25,000.

The other party and their insurer will be looking for any evidence they can get of your contribution to the crash. You will likely be in shock after the crash, and it is easy to say the wrong thing, which is why getting early legal help to guide you is wise.