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Shop ‘til you drop – slip-and-fall cases in a grocery store

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Slip And Fall Injuries

There are so many things to see and purchase in grocery stores. But at the same time, a surprising number of dangers can be found at your local supermarket. One such danger is slip-and-fall accidents, which happen often enough to be a real problem at any grocery store.

How common are slip and fall accidents in groceries?

Slips and falls are a high risk in grocery stores because of the sheer number of potential hazards. Spills can come from anywhere, such as from product spillage and leaky freezers, and can cause unlucky shoppers to slip. And just like any other store, recently cleaned floors are also a slipping hazard.

Tripping is also a genuine risk in grocery stores. Misplaced products and facility equipment can catch customers’ feet, and supermarkets have no shortage of these items.

Shoppers aren’t the only ones at risk for slipping hazards – even grocery staff are in danger. About 85% of worker’s compensation claims comprise cases wherein employees fell due to slippery floors.

The risk of slips and falls in grocery stores is so high that even major insurers have advised stores to address the hazards at their premises or face costly lawsuits.

What should I do if I slip while shopping in a grocery store?

If you slipped in a grocery store, here are some steps you can immediately take:

  • Report that you have slipped: As soon as you have fallen, call for a manager. Many stores have their protocol for documenting accidents, and it is important to document details of the incident, such as when the slip happened and how it occurred.
  • Use your mobile device to take photos: If physically possible, take photos of the immediate area where you slipped. Also, take pictures of your injuries. If you cannot take the photos yourself, have a companion take them.
  • Seek medical attention: Following the accident, have your injuries treated as soon as possible. Not only will you prevent further medical complications with your injuries, but your ailments will also be documented by medical staff, which can help later on should you pursue a lawsuit.

Slipping at a grocery store is a genuine risk that can happen to anybody and result in serious injuries. Be mindful of your surroundings, and don’t hesitate to call store staff if you see a potential hazard on the floor.