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Why do some doctors turn down injured workers?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

When a person is dealing with a work injury, they expect their employer to compensate them for their medical expenses and lost wages. However, many injured workers find that getting the compensation they deserve is not as straightforward as they thought. In fact, it is not uncommon for doctors to turn down workers’ compensation cases.

To prepare for these issues, it helps to understand the claims process and how it affects doctors.

Handling complex paperwork

Workers’ compensation cases require a lot of paperwork and documentation. Doctors may have to fill out multiple forms, provide detailed reports, and attend hearings or depositions. This administrative burden can be time-consuming and take away from the time doctors have to see other patients.

Receiving lower pay

Sometimes workers’ compensation claims have lower reimbursement rates than other insurance types. This means that doctors may receive less pay for treating injured employees through these claims. As a result, doctors may choose to focus on other areas of medicine where reimbursement rates are higher.

Dealing with insurance companies

To save money, workers’ compensation insurance companies may pressure doctors to provide treatment that is less extensive than what the doctor believes is necessary. Insurance companies may also delay or deny payment for treatment, which can create financial problems for doctors.

Injured workers may feel dismayed when doctors turn them down, but there are ways to get around this problem. For instance, California has a medical provider network that lists doctors who are willing to treat workers’ compensation cases. With the right approach, injured workers can ensure that they receive the care they need.