My Approach –
Straightforward, Truthful Legal Advice

I don’t sugarcoat outcomes or make empty promises to my clients. I provide honest advice on the value of your case – because that’s what you deserve.

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Lip Service
Is Not My Approach

I am attorney Scott Blumen, and I help individuals throughout San Diego recover compensation after a work accident, auto accident or other personal injury. When it comes to monetary recovery or case outcomes, I give honest advice and assessments.

If you are struggling after an injury, you are likely worried about your future. You need to know what you can truly recover to get through today and in the years to come. You deserve the truth from the lawyer you hire, not lip service.

Lady Justice

What Type Of Lawyer
Do You Want In Your Corner?

People in dire straits seek assistance from attorneys every day. They are struggling and looking for real help. Sadly, many attorneys make false promises of lucrative compensation awards. They tell clients what they want to hear, which often leads to disenchantment later on when the lawyer has to explain what the case is really worth.

Do you want your attorney to tell you what you want to hear or one who will tell it to you straight?

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Extensive Experience
Handling Many Types Of Personal Injuries

Since 1989, I’ve been helping individuals recover compensation for many types of personal injuries. Auto accidents, construction site injuries, dog bites, slip and falls, workplace incidents– you name it – I’ve seen it all. 

Let me help you.

Practice Areas

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Whether you need assistance filing an initial claim for benefits, understanding the nuances of the process, or ensuring proper paperwork is filed, I can help.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured by an at-fault party, I can help you recover fair compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, rehab costs and more.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

I can help you obtain workers’ comp benefits and possible compensation from a third party, like the manufacturer of the machinery that caused your work injury.

Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

These attacks often cause physical injury and psychological trauma. I will fight to recover fair compensation for all aspects relating to the incident.

An Attorney
Who Knows Both Personal Injury Law And California Workers’ Compensation

Many attorneys in San Diego handle personal injury cases but may not have the knowledge to help with overlapping workers’ comp claims. Given the unique differences in both areas of law, wouldn’t it be beneficial to hire an experienced attorney with the experience and skill to handle both?

Certified Legal Specialist
In Workers’ Compensation Law

I am a Certified Legal Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law by The State Bar of California. This certification is given only to attorneys who have gone above and beyond the standard licensing requirements.

Certified attorneys must demonstrate expertise in a specific area of law, pass a rigorous exam, and get appraisal from fellow lawyers and judges in that field.

In many cases, individuals are hurt at work and need help filing a workers’ comp claim, contacting doctors and other aspects of the process. They also need help filing a crossover claim – one in which a third party is sued to collect additional compensation.

I have the experience to handle both.

“Working with Scott was a wonderful experience. Suffice it to say that Scott and his staff were on top of the W/C folks at every turn and did the extraordinary navigation for us. Thank the good Lord we had the foresight to have Scott by our side.”

“Scott Blumen and his professional, very kind, knowledgeable, understanding staff were able to get all the medical attention I needed, To Scott Blumen my physical future being was more important than just settling. I was able to heal well in less than a year at which time he was able to get us a well deserved, nice settlement from the insurance company. Of course, it was not the money that mattered, it was my future health and recovery. But of course, the money was well needed and appreciated after going through so much. “

Injured at work in California book by Scott Blumen

Injured At Work?
Check Out My Book

Learn about the “nuts and bolts” of a California workers’ compensation claim and why getting an attorney early on in the process, even if it’s not required by law, can and does make the process smoother.

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Work Injury

Employee was driving on the job, got hit by an at-fault driver and suffered a quadriplegic injury in a rollover.


Work Injury

A medical device equipment fabricator was injured in an explosion on-the-job that resulted in injury to his abdomen.


Slip-And-Fall Injury

An individual tripped on a hazardous condominium staircase and suffered a serious shoulder and neck injury.


Work Injury

A nurse suffered a serious hand injury due to a malfunctioning hydraulic door while working on the job.

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